Ease your mind and body with this wide range of classes. We have everything from yoga to barre to meditation to tai chi. 


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Aqua Yoga 2
Aqua Yoga

Relaxing aquatic exercise that allows focus on balance and strength using traditional yoga poses in the water.

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barre new
Barre Concepts

Fusing elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do with modern fitness concepts, Barre improves posture, balance and core strength while lengthening and sculpting the entire body.

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Chair Yoga

This gentle form of yoga uses the chair for support, allowing increased flexibility and joint mobility. Great for beginners and seniors!

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barre class
Fluidity Barre

Create long, lean muscles using the ballet barre, bands and balls to improve functional flexibility and strengthen your whole body.

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Gentle Yoga

This class offers a therapeutic approach to yoga offering simple poses/stretches and moving at a slower pace.

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Group Centergy

Grow longer and stronger with an invigorating 60-minute journey of yoga and Pilates movements.

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holiday survivor
Holiday Challenge

Join us for our 30th Holiday Challenge. This challenge aims to keep your workouts consistent, provide you with healthy holiday eating tips, and tools to manage stress levels.

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Designed to help those with some meditation experience maintain and deepen their practice. Reduce stress, increase emotional stability, improve sleep and more!

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nia preview
Move to Heal

This mindful movement class is done to a variety of music and crafted to inform, calm, inspire, energize, strengthen, motivate and always to connect to feeling better in our bodies and our lives.

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Nia combines movements and concepts from yoga, martial arts and dance to improve your cardio as well as increase body awareness, endurance, flexibility and energy levels.

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Pilates Mat

This workout utilizes the Pilates Method to focus on improving strength and flexibility for the whole body without building bulk.

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Pilates Stretch and Springs

This class incorporates traditional Pilates mat work with an emphasis on stretching and using the Pilates springs.

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Tai Chi Chuan

A meditative form of exercise that links the health of the body to a relaxed state of mind.

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virtual preview
Virtual Group Fitness

Workout with your favorite Galter LifeCenter instructors from the comfort of your home!

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This class will refine alignment in the asanas and introduce advanced poses and sequenced combinations of poses. Build strength and flexibility along with developing breath control techniques (pranayama) in your practice.

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Yoga Fundamentals

Get back to the basics of yoga and deepen your practice.

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Yoga Intensive

Each month our expert yoga instructors will focus on a theme to deepen your yoga practice and inspire change, whether it is to improve range of motion, strength, health, balance, or any number of benefits a yoga practice embraces.

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Nidra Yoga 2
Yoga Nidra

Using a series of guided visualizations to move the mind into expanded self-awareness, yoga nidra releases the sources of anxiety, unwanted habits and self-limiting beliefs.

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