*32nd Anniversary Celebration*

Join us this September for a month of exciting events to celebrate 32 years of health and wellness!

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*Member Challenges*

Our member challenges provide incentive, motivation and accountability which all add up to keep you on track and healthy throughout the year.

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*Mind/Body Month*

Attend any of these special Mind/Body Month events to will help improve your body’s connection to the brain, as well as your balance, strength and flexibility.

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*MOSSA Launches*

Make a commitment to your health and join us as we launch exciting new workouts. Discover which classes inspire you to improve your quality of life.

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*National Dance Day*

Celebrate National Dance Day with us and Dance like EVERYBODY is watching because if you can move you can groove. See you on the dance floor!

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*Virtual Group Fitness*

Workout with your favorite Galter LifeCenter instructors from the comfort of your home!

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3D30 integrates strength and cardio training to build muscle, burn calories and improve agility.

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AAE- Arthritis Aquatic Exercise

This program includes a 45-minute water exercise routine geared specifically to those with arthritis.

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Aqua Blast

This class includes explosive cardiovascular conditioning, upper and lower body toning along with some soothing stretches.

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Aqua Mix

Increase your cardio fitness, improve your strength and develop better balance and flexibility while performing exercises using noodles or buoys for a total body exercise experience.

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Aqua Yoga 2
Aqua Yoga

Relaxing aquatic exercise that allows focus on balance and strength using traditional yoga poses in the water.

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Aqua Zumba

This class adds high energy Latin music and movement to the basic water workout.

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Barre Concepts

Fusing elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do with modern fitness concepts, Barre improves posture, balance and core strength while lengthening and sculpting the entire body.

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Boot Camp

Run, stair climb, lunge and burpee your body strong!

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Chair Fitness

A chair exercise class that will improve your range of motion, flexibility, aerobic capacity and endurance.

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Chair Yoga

This gentle form of yoga uses the chair for support, allowing increased flexibility and joint mobility. Great for beginners and seniors!

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cycling event type preview

This is a huge calorie burner that builds great-looking legs! A cycling experience brought indoors.

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Cycling and Abs

Burn calories and strengthen your legs as you ride over mixed terrain. Climb hills, sprint the flats and power through intervals to great music. Complete this workout with targeted core training. Enjoy the ride!

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Cycling and Stretch

This program incorporates authentic cycling techniques for riders of all levels, put to motivating music.

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Gentle Yoga

This class offers a therapeutic approach to yoga offering simple poses/stretches and moving at a slower pace.

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Group Active

This class gives you all the fitness training you need – cardio, strength, balance and flexibility – in just one hour.

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