Meditation has been shown to have numerous benefits, including reducing stress, anxiety, pain, blood pressure, stroke and heart attack risk, age-related brain deterioration and more. It has also been shown to increase emotional regulation, resilience, self-control, memory and learning.

We offer seated meditation classes which elicit the relaxation response through relaxed, focused breathing. We also offer moving meditation classes such as Tai Chi, which increase mental and physical awareness and energy while also being deeply relaxing.

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Meet our Meditation Instructors

Classes are taught by Galter LifeCenter Meditation Instructors who have a variety of meditation experience, knowledge and backgrounds.

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For questions regarding this course, or to be contacted when registration opens, email Kayla Kulans at

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"The Meditation Info Session gave me hope that there’s something I can do as I make another transition in life, so that I don’t get bogged down by it. I learned that meditation is another tool to a healthy life, to help navigate it." - Ronna