The pools and locker rooms are open! Reservations are required for pool usage and classes. Sign up is available 72 hours in advance on the My Wellness portal.


Galter LifeCenter is one of the only fitness centers on Chicago’s north side with multiple pools. In addition to open swim times, we offer a variety of aquatic programs and activities. These programs are designed for those who swim for fitness, as well as those seeking rehabilitation and relief from aching joints. Our qualified staff members are always on hand to assist with equipment, provide swimming tips and answer questions.

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For information on private swim lessons or aquatic programming please contact the Aquatics Department at 773-878-9936, ext. 7399 or email

For more information on aqua aerobic classes contact Francie Habash at 773-786-9348, ext. 7343 or

"I'm in my mid-60's and also have a congenital condition that affects all my joints. Finding equipment I can use and exercises I can do has always been a challenge, mostly because of issues I have with my hands and wrists. I decided to try working with a personal trainer to get some help figuring out what might work for me. I've been working with Sue Talbert for the past three months and the difference it has made can't be overstated. She has spent a great deal of effort carefully finding the things that work for me in a way that I could have never done on my own and it made a difference almost immediately. My flexibility and strength have improved and I honestly feel that it has dramatically changed what I feel like I'm physically capable of. For a person in their 60's, that's an amazing thing. It's been a wonderful mental boost to feel strong and in control of my well-being. Sue does not let me slack off, but is always conscious of what my limitations are. Working with her has been a pleasure and has made an enormous difference in my daily life." - Tisha