Virtual Offerings

Workout with your favorite Galter LifeCenter instructors from the comfort of your home. Choose from over 40 virtual classes offered weekly!

Virtual Offerings 

As Chicago’s only certified medical fitness center, we provide each and every individual with the fitness and wellness resource they need to improve their overall health and surpass their fitness goals. 

All of our virtual classes and training sessions can be completed at home using little or no fitness equipment. Read Erika's blog, your cupboards are filled with exercise equipment for lots of great suggestions.

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For information on Virtual Classes contact Francie Habash at 773-786-9348, ext. 7343 or

For information on Virtual Training please contact Peter Marcy at 773-729-2396, ext. 3863 or email

For information on Virtual Membership contact a Membership Representative at 773-729-2396, ext. 7308 or email

"Thank you Galter Life for presenting the Total Control Program. I’m confident that women of all ages can gain from this program & hope you continue to offer it. Personal friends & Galter members, too embarrassed to talk about this issue have asked me about this class." - current member