Pool Etiquette

Playing by the rules: Proper etiquette in and around the pool will make everyone's experience more enjoyable. We would like to ask you, our members, to keep a few points in mind regarding the Galter Life Center pools:

1) Please be prepared to share. Our pools, the largest of which has only four lanes, are here to serve all of our thousands of members and guests. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to be able to exercise and put into action their own Personal Fitness Strategy.

2) Be familiar with the schedule. We have the pool schedules posted both online and throughout the building so that you can best plan your workout.

3) Lap swimmers have priority. Remember that during lap swim, lap swimmers have priority use of the West Pool. If you are not swimming laps you may be asked to change lanes or exit the pool depending on the number of users. Also, when swimming laps the general policy is to circle swim in a counter-clockwise direction. The only exception is when there are two swimmers together in a lane and both of them agree to split the lane in half. When joining any lane, always be sure to alert the other swimmers in the lane and confirm they are aware of your presence.

4) Shower before entering the pool. It is highly recommended by the Illinois Department of Health and a policy of Galter Life Center that all persons shall take a soap shower before entering any of the pools. Please plan your schedule to accommodate this final step before using the pool.

5) Wear proper swim attire. You must be in swimming apparel. No street clothes are allowed in the pool. Clothing such as cut-offs, gym shorts and underwear is not permitted as swimwear. Swimwear should not have been worn for exercising immediately prior to pool use as the clothing can create an unhealthy swimming environment. All clothing must be colorfast and lightweight material suitable for swimwear, such as Lycra, Spandex or nylon.

6) Be safe in the sauna. Due to excessive heat in the sauna please be mindful of your attire. For your safety we recommend light, breathable clothing. If you use the pools immediately before or after the sauna you must be in swim attire. The sauna is a designated quiet zone so please be respectful of others using the space. 

7) Please be respectful of others. Refrain from boisterous activity, creating noise or using a lane in such a way that may disrupt other members. We also want to be sure to respect our staff whose role is to serve you, the member. GLC pool attendants and class instructors are very familiar with pool policies and class guidelines and we ask that all patrons follow their requests and directions.

8) Please do not spit. Although the pool has chemicals to disinfect and a filtration system to clear the water, we still ask that people refrain from spitting in the pool area.

9) Heat Safety. Heat therapy can be beneficial to one’s ability to recover and relieve sore muscles. It can increase blood flow, detoxify your body and help you to loosen up and relax. However, despite its benefits, over-exposure to heat is often the number one cause of injury in a fitness facility like the Galter Life Center. The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends using heat therapy, such as a sauna, steam room or whirlpool, for no more than 15 minutes at one time. If you wish to continue past that point, take a break for at least five minutes so that your core body temperature has time to drop. If at any time you feel light-headed, dizzy or faint, immediately move to a cooler area. If you have any of the following conditions it is not recommend that you use the steam room, whirlpool or sauna:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems, recent heart attack or bypass surgery
  • Currently pregnant (any stage)
  • Under 16 years of age
  • Diabetic
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you have any of these conditions, be sure to speak with and get clearance from your physician before using these facilities.

10) Water classes. For participants attending the water classes the following are recommendations and policies to be aware of:

  • Reservations are required and are available 48 hours in advance. 
  • Please arrive on time for classes; if you are not present on the pool deck 5 minutes after the class start time your spot may be forfeited to a waitlist participant.
  • Stay through the entire class—if that is not possible please consult with the instructor.
  • Be respectful to the instructor and others participating by keeping conversations to a minimum while the class is in session.
  • Be respectful of other participants’ personal space – always be prepared to share.


We thank you so much for your continued use of our aquatics facilities and hope that you are able to enjoy your time here. Before your next dip in the pool please review these policies, check the schedule and let us know what we can do to make your time in the pool even better. If you ever have any issues regarding the pools or Galter Life Center pool policies please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are not already a regular user of the pool area we strongly encourage you to jump in and join us anytime; the water is just fine!

Contact MaryCate Banaszkiewicz with comments or suggestions at MBanaszkiewicz@schosp.org or 773-878-9936, ext. 8015.

773-878-9936, ext. 8015

"What I like most about Galter Life Center is that it is easy to be here. It is not intimidating." - Maria