Medical Fitness Difference

We were Illinois' first and Chicago's only certified medical fitness center.

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We are Chicago’s premier medical fitness center and a proud member of the Medical Fitness Association. Our services go far beyond those of a traditional fitness center by focusing on medical fitness and partnering with medical professionals at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Our professional staff, clean and safe environment, health risk screening procedures and clinical integration set us apart.

Learn about the Medical Fitness Difference at Galter LifeCenter

Our Facility

Galter LifeCenter features two swimming pools, four class studios and more than 150 cardio and strength machines. We ensure all of our equipment meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Our Staff
Each staff member at Galter LifeCenter is CPR/AED certified, and holds multiple degrees, licenses and certifications in his or her area of work.

Our physician advisory board, comprised of professionals from Galter LifeCenter and Swedish Covenant Hospital, meet quarterly to ensure we are up-to-date with new trends, events, treatments and procedures in the medical and exercise field.

When you join Galter LifeCenter, we will help you create your own personal fitness strategy to make sure you get the most out of your time. With the help of our fitness professionals, you can set goals and learn proper exercise techniques.

Our Members
Our membership base is comprised of individuals from all over the Chicagoland area. They come from multiple backgrounds and are of all age groups.
Our Services
We offer a wide range of fitness and wellness services. We have everything from personal training to mind/body courses and integrative therapies.

To educate you on lifestyle and wellness, we offer free monthly lectures on health-related topics, presented by Swedish Covenant Hospital’s medical professionals and physicians.

Our organization is dedicated to promoting health and wellness as a way of life through exercise and education.

Additional Services
Our affiliate, Swedish Covenant Hospital, offers cardiac rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, diabetes and heart health education at Galter LifeCenter. These services are provided through Swedish Covenant Hospital and can be scheduled with them.

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"In 3 words I would describe Galter LifeCenter as supportive, inspirational and friendly." - Jim