Green Initiatives

Galter LifeCenter has been making important strides in keeping our facility environmentally friendly. Some of the initiatives we have adopted in the past few years include:

  • Throughout the facility, there are bins to recycle paper, plastic bottles and batteries.
  • Use of organic materials
  • All amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotions) in our locker rooms are made from organic materials.
  • Cutting down on paper
  • Our newsletter is posted on our website rather than printed and mailed.
  • We communicate special happenings through email and our website.
  • We have signature capture pads for credit card payments at the Courtesy Desk and Membership Office to save paper.

Saving energy

  • All lights in professional offices run on sensors and turn off after a certain amount of time passes with no movement.
  • Window clings help keep heat out and trap air in which keeps the heating and cooling systems from overworking. 

“I’ve been to other gyms and they don’t compare to the professionalism or organization that Galter LifeCenter has. I also don’t feel any pressure to compete with others, everyone (including staff & members) truly care about being healthy." - Julio