Green Initiatives

Galter LifeCenter has been making important strides in keeping our facility environmentally friendly. Some of the initiatives we have adopted in the past few years include:


  • Throughout the facility, there are bins to recycle paper, plastic bottles and batteries.
  • Use of organic materials
  • All amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotions) in our locker rooms are made from organic materials.
  • Cutting down on paper
  • Our newsletter is emailed rather than printed and mailed.
  • We communicate special happenings through email and our website.
  • We have signature capture pads for credit card payments at the Courtesy Desk and Membership Office to save paper.

Saving energy

  • All lights in professional offices run on sensors and turn off after a certain amount of time passes with no movement.
  • Window clings help keep heat out and trap air in which keeps the heating and cooling systems from overworking. 
  • Solar panels covering the roof. 

"At the end of last year I took advantage of the promotion of 2 massages for a set price - as long as one of them was with Laura G. who had just joined the Galter LifeCenter massage staff. She is incredible! Very knowledgeable; confident with a range of expertise. I’ll be sure to make my second massage in that package with her as well. Thanks for bringing her aboard!" - Annette