Galter LifeCenter is a medical fitness facility committed to empowering its community members to develop their mind, body and spirit through exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


To be The Premier Medical Fitness Organization, driven by a passion for service and quality to maximize personal well-being.

Core Values

  • Supporting and enriching human relationships by having a sincere interest in individuals and possessing a willingness to provide them with the skills, knowledge and professional guidance needed to improve their health.
  • Truthfulness, honesty and integrity in our communications.
  • Respecting the sanctity, dignity and quality of life of every human being.
  • Honoring the workplace and building relationships with the people of the community.
  • Believing in wellness as an ever-expanding experience.
  • Wellness is eminently personal and uniquely distinctive.

"As a cardiologist and internist I believe in the importance of regular exercise. I try to exercise 3 times a week either at Galter LifeCenter or running outside (while the weather holds). It's still possible to attend an individual exercise session with a trainer at Galter LifeCenter. Exercise can also be done at home on a regular basis with their virtual classes." -Franklin Saksena, M.D.