Galter LifeCenter is a medical fitness facility committed to empowering its community members to develop their mind, body and spirit through exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


To be The Premier Medical Fitness Organization, driven by a passion for service and quality to maximize personal well-being.

Core Values

  • Supporting and enriching human relationships by having a sincere interest in individuals and possessing a willingness to provide them with the skills, knowledge and professional guidance needed to improve their health.
  • Truthfulness, honesty and integrity in our communications.
  • Respecting the sanctity, dignity and quality of life of every human being.
  • Honoring the workplace and building relationships with the people of the community.
  • Believing in wellness as an ever-expanding experience.
  • Wellness is eminently personal and uniquely distinctive.

"Even though there are other gyms out there closer to me and cheaper I feel Galter is the best value because of the variety of classes, instructors that CARE about you and the integrative therapies. All the programs together work your whole body and mind." - Eileen