private swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Due to the overwhelming demand of our popular Private Swim Lessons we have removed our private swim lesson request form. We will replace the request form when lessons become available. Please check back later for updates. 

Work one-on-one with qualified aquatics instructors to learn how to swim or refine your skills. Swimmers of all levels are welcome and children must be at least three years of age to receive instruction. We offer multiple options for private swim lessons taught by professionally trained staff and Water Safety Instruction (WSI) certified instructors. Private lessons are scheduled based on instructor, client and pool space availability. All private swim lessons are 30 minutes.

Members receive priority on the private swim lesson waitlist and advanced registration for all Aquatics Programs. For membership information>

Fees per person

 Type of lessons   # of lessons    Member        Nonmember 
Solo 1 $38 $45
Solo 3 $87 $102
Solo 6 $164 $192
Solo 12 $312 $366
Duet $34 $40
Duet 3 $77 $90
Duet 6 $151 $177
Duet 12 $294 $345

Pool area rules for children and parents

  • To comply with Illinois health and safety regulations, everyone must shower before entering the pool.
  • If your child is not potty trained please be sure they wear water proof swim diapers.  
  • All children on the pool deck must be supervised by an adult.
  • No talking on cell phones. When taking a picture or video please ask the instructor for permission and photograph your child only.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking on the pool deck. Only water bottles are allowed. 
  • Only clean foot wear is allowed on the pool decks. Shoe coverings are available, if needed.

Locker room policy for children

  • Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in the locker rooms at all times.
  • Please use the designated family changing area or the curtained private changing areas in the locker rooms.
  • Children five and older are required to use gender appropriate locker rooms. Unisex family changing rooms are available on each pool deck.

For more information on private swim lessons contact the Aquatics Department at

773-878-9936, ext. 8015 

"I'm in my mid-60's and also have a congenital condition that affects all my joints. Finding equipment I can use and exercises I can do has always been a challenge, mostly because of issues I have with my hands and wrists. I decided to try working with a personal trainer to get some help figuring out what might work for me. I've been working with Sue Talbert for the past three months and the difference it has made can't be overstated. She has spent a great deal of effort carefully finding the things that work for me in a way that I could have never done on my own and it made a difference almost immediately. My flexibility and strength have improved and I honestly feel that it has dramatically changed what I feel like I'm physically capable of. For a person in their 60's, that's an amazing thing. It's been a wonderful mental boost to feel strong and in control of my well-being. Sue does not let me slack off, but is always conscious of what my limitations are. Working with her has been a pleasure and has made an enormous difference in my daily life." - Tisha