Aquatic Aerobic Classes

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes in our pools. You will find everything from Arthritis Exercise classes in our warm water pool to Aqua Zumba which is a high energy class set to Latin music.

Reservations are required for all classes and are available 72 hours in advance online or 48 hours in advance at the Courtesy Desk. Please arrive on time for class; if you are not present on the pool deck 5 minutes after the class start time your spot may be forfeited to a waitlist participant.

  • Aqua Blast – Add a little challenge with this fun, high-intensity water workout. This class includes explosive cardiovascular conditioning, upper and lower body toning along with some soothing stretches. Similar to our traditional “waterobics” class, but ramped up a bit. Moderate to high intensity without the joint impact.
  • Aqua Mix – Incorporate all elements of fitness in this one hour water workout. Increase your cardio fitness, improve your strength and develop better balance and flexibility while performing exercises using noodles, buoys or balls for a total exercise experience. All levels welcome.
  • Aqua Yoga – Relaxing aquatic exercise that allows focus on balance and strength using traditional yoga poses in the water.
  • Aqua Zumba – Add high energy Latin music and movement to the basic water workout and you get Aqua Zumba. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and requires no swimming or dancing skills. Join the party without the impact!
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Aqua – This class provides a safe, comforting and inspiring environment that women can use and work with to become stronger and more flexible, easing the stress caused by carrying the baby. Having time to socialize and share with other who are going through the same experience can also serve as a big benefit and an excellent resource!

Arthritis Class

  • AAE – Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program – This program includes a 45-minute water exercise routine geared specifically to those with arthritis. Improve joint flexibility and coordination, reduce muscle weakness and decrease pain and stiffness. 

The arthritis classes are ongoing and you may join at any time.  

Arthritis class fee
Members Free / Nonmembers $100/10 classes or $120/15 classes 

Contact Francie Habash at 773-878-9936, ext. 7343 or for more information.

773-878-9936, ext. 7399 

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