Masters Swimming

Congratulations to our Swedish Fish Masters Team of 90 swimmers on finishing 1st at the Illinois State meet in 2019! 

Swedish Fish State Champs 4.2019
Swimming is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise and a great workout for everyone from fitness enthusiast and tri-athletes to non-competitive swimmers. Structured workouts with a coach offer an individualized training experience to help swimmers improve general fitness or train for specific goals.

The Masters Swimming program is open to all adult swimmers ages 18 and over, at beginning or advanced levels. Swimmers should be able to complete an hour-long training session in the pool. 

Many Masters Swimming participants choose to participate in outside swim events. Because the Masters Swimming program is a registered swim club under U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS), all Galter LifeCenter master swimmers must register with USMS in order to participate in any USMS sanctioned event, such as the Big Shoulders 2.5K/5K open water event and the Postal Swim Series. Click here to register with USMS or renew an existing membership.

Chicago hosts many pool and open-water races throughout the year which provide opportunities to compete and measure individual progress at the local and state level. These swim events are a place to meet with friends, make new ones and have fun while testing the benefits of your training. Click here to view a list of upcoming swim events in Illinois. See what swimming events are coming up in Illinois. 

Current Masters Swim Schedule and Rates:








5:45-7 a.m.

5:45-7 a.m.

5:45-7 a.m.

6:45-8:10 a.m.

Noon-1 p.m.

Noon-1 p.m.

Noon-1 p.m.

6:45-8 p.m.

5:30-6:30 p.m.

5:30-6:30 p.m.


USMS participants may purchase a drop-in pass for $10. 

Nonmember Quarterly Price: $150 Expires 3 months after date of purchase.

For more information on our Masters Swim program, email

773-878-9936, ext. 7399 

"This is a time in my life when it is imperative that I keep my strength and flexibility." - Jacquie, age 80