aqua pilates

Specialty Courses

Whether you are looking for a group class to learn how to swim or want to get in the water to ease pain and relax we have options for you.

Adult Learn-to-Swim

This program is designed for the adult who wants to learn how to swim. There will be a focus on water acclimation, basic breathing drills and fundamental swim stroke development. This class will be taught by an experienced swim instructor with the goal of improving overall confidence in the water and an increased understanding of swimming basics. See upcoming class dates and times>

Aqua Pilates

The Aqua Pilates workout facilitates increased flexibility while challenging the individual to maintain core stabilization, balance and postural alignment in the healing environment of warm water. All levels of fitness can benefit from this class. 

It can help with:

  • Breathing & Posture
  • Stability & Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Injury Recuperation 
See upcoming class dates and times> We are now offering Aqua Pilates Solos! To make an appointment or for more information email

Water Movement and You

In these individual sessions the water will support you to move in ways you never thought possible on land. You will explore the motivating factors of movement and well-being.

Connect to your body’s expressiveness, creativity and natural rhythms in this one of a kind water movement class. You will be guided through different movements and dance forms to re-connect to your body. Goals include reducing every day aches and pains, reducing stress and finding you inner joy through movement. All sessions are 45 minutes long. The instructor will also be available for an additional 15 minutes after your initial session to answer questions or discuss your wellness plan.

Private Aqua Pilates and Water Movement and You Fees: 

Type of Sessions  # of sessions Member Nonmember
 1-person  1  $75  $85
 1-person  3  $210  $245
 1-person  6  $400  $450
 2-person  1  $48.50 each  $65 each
 2-person  3  $140 each  $175 each
 2-person  6  $258 each  $325 each

Small group rates are also available. Cancellations must be made with 24-hour advance notice. 
For more information on Adult Learn-to-Swim contact Vannessa Gabor at 773-796-4625, ext. 8015 or to register.  
To schedule a 45 minute Water Movement and You session or for more information please contact Autumn Joyce at 773-796-4625, ext. 7399 or

773-878-9936, ext. 7399 

"My life has changed since I joined because I have more strength for working in the garden and shoveling snow. I don't have sore shoulders and neck anymore." - Jacquie