Member Referral Program

Receive a $25 credit when you refer a friend.   
Sign the referral card and give it to your friend. Referral must be presented at time of enrollment.  

Referrals are for new members only. New members must not have previously been a member at Galter LifeCenter (within the last five years). You may refer as many friends as you would like! The credit will be automatically applied to your membership dues for the next billing cycle once the new member has been active for three months. 

Download the referral card here>


To learn more about our membership options and current promotions, please contact a Membership Representative at 773-878-9936, ext. 7308, email or fax 773-907-7486.


"This place makes me feel powerful and in control, no matter what's happening with my body." - Lorraine, age 70