Join us for these special events!

*32nd Anniversary Celebration*

Join us this September for a month of exciting events to celebrate 32 years of health and wellness!

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*Member Challenges*

Our member challenges provide incentive, motivation and accountability which all add up to keep you on track and healthy throughout the year.

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*Mind/Body Month*

Attend any of these special Mind/Body Month events to will help improve your body’s connection to the brain, as well as your balance, strength and flexibility.

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*MOSSA Launches*

Make a commitment to your health and join us as we launch exciting new workouts. Discover which classes inspire you to improve your quality of life.

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*National Dance Day*

Celebrate National Dance Day with us and Dance like EVERYBODY is watching because if you can move you can groove. See you on the dance floor!

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*Pilates Open House*

The Pilates Studio is hosting an open house for our 32nd anniversary and you are invited!

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Join our motivating and supportive group program for people looking to work on weight loss.

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Triathlon Courses

Join our Galter LifeCenter team and learn the ins and outs of our triathlon courses, programmed for athletes of all levels. Enjoy fun group workouts, improve your endurance and train for a sprint distance triathlon!

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