• Galter LifeCenter Member Maintains Youth With Group Fitness Classes and Massage Therapy

    Jul 01, 2016

    Edward Mendoza has always believed in the importance of exercise. When he was 30 and working in construction, he noticed many 60-somethings were out of shape and unhappy. Now retired, he’s happy to have chosen a more active path, studying martial arts and using his Galter LifeCenter membership for fitness classes and massage therapy.

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  • Rehabbing Patient Perseveres Thanks to Positive Attitude and Galter LifeCenter Support

    May 17, 2016

    Maritza Gonzalez has been through a lot following major spine surgery, but her strong spirit, positive attitude and focus on goal setting—along with support from the team at Galter LifeCenter—has helped her take important steps on her journey to recovery.

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  • Galter LifeCenter Masters Swim Team Takes Third Place at State Meet

    May 04, 2016

    Congratulations to the Swedish Fish, the masters swimming team at Galter LifeCenter for capturing third place in the recent Illinois State meet.

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  • 90-year-old Tai Chi instructor keeps stretching, creating, exploring

    May 04, 2016

    A fashion illustrator by training, a dancer, model and artist by profession, and a Tai Chi Chih instructor at Galter LifeCenter for 15 years—these are just a few of the talents and passions that describe Evanston resident Blair, who just turned 90 in March.

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  • Walk 10K: Medical Fitness Week

    Apr 10, 2016

    Galter LifeCenter is sponsoring a Walking Challenge during Medical Fitness Week, April 23–29 in conjunction with the Medical Fitness Association.

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  • Galter LifeCenter Gives Member Fresh Start on Mid-Life Health

    Apr 01, 2016

    Shortly after celebrating her 45th birthday last fall, north side resident Nicole Vidales took a look at her life and decided it was time to make a change. She ran across an offer for a package of three personal training sessions she’d received from Galter LifeCenter, and took it as a sign to take charge of her health. Today, she’s one of Galter LifeCenter’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders.

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  • Member Survey Results

    Apr 01, 2016

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Member Survey over the last few months. We've been collecting feedback from you since September and truly appreciate the amount of responses we got. Here are some of the results and action items we are taking based on your feedback.

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  • Couple Experiences Excellent Results Utilizing Services at Galter LifeCenter

    Mar 04, 2016

    When you’ve found something special, it’s natural to want to share it. On Maurice Terenzio’s 60th birthday, he and his wife Diane received a pair of passes to Galter LifeCenter’s Fundamental Fitness class from close friends. What they found at Galter LifeCenter inspired them to share their story!

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  • Your New Friend Gym

    Feb 24, 2016

    With American Heart Month upon us, it’s important to remember that exercise is one of the most significant components in keeping your heart healthy. Whether you’re beginning a new workout routine, or continuing the one you’ve already established, it’s important to have wellness goals.

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  • Chicago Resident Finds More Than Fitness at Galter LifeCenter

    Feb 04, 2016

    Community comes first for Evan Zemil, a north side Chicago resident and member of Galter LifeCenter. It’s the community environment at Galter LifeCenter that has anchored his commitment as a member for the past six years.

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  • Physical Fitness: A Way of Life That Helped Save a Life!

    Jan 08, 2016

    It’s proven that working out can improve quality of life and often extend life expectancy. For north side Chicago resident Dan Tepke, his time at Galter LifeCenter succeeded in doing both!

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  • Letter from the Director

    Jan 04, 2016

    Most of you are aware that we have installed a new electronic sign in front of Galter LifeCenter. The purpose of this sign is to increase community awareness regarding the services we offer and encourage community members who are not a part of Galter LifeCenter to join our active lifestyle.

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  • Galter LifeCenter Named a 2015 “Best Aquatics” Facility

    Dec 04, 2015

    Galter LifeCenter was recently recognized by Aquatics International as a top aquatics facility for its impactful, member-focused curriculum that is available for children and adults.

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  • Galter LifeCenter Member Treats Degenerative Osteo-Arthritis with Personal Training

    Nov 04, 2015

    Lorraine Trachtenberg is committed to Galter LifeCenter and has been since it first opened in 1991. “I was one of the first to join,” she said. “In fact, I was exercising here before Galter became a reality. We exercised on the second floor where the Child’s Care area is now.”

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  • Meet Richard Cunningham: Galter LifeCenter's new Director

    Sep 18, 2015

    I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, I arrived in the States in 1994 to continue my career at Ravenswood Hospital as a Physical therapist. After the unfortunate closing, I moved up the street to Swedish Covenant Hospital to take on the outpatient manager position in 2002. Over the years my responsibilities expanded to include OP therapy, Pain Management and Orthopedics.

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  • Galter LifeCenter’s Oldest Member Never Cancels Pool Time

    May 04, 2015

    Mary Gallagher never learned how to swim when she was growing up in Bunnacurry, a village in the heart of Achill Island, the largest island off the west coast of Ireland. Now 101-years-old and living on Chicago’s northwest side, she’s in the pool at Galter LifeCenter with her caretaker, Augusta Scescke, two to three times a week.

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  • Working Out Saved Brian’s Life: Literally

    Mar 11, 2015

    Brian Smolicek has Galter LifeCenter to thank for saving his life. That’s not a euphemism. It was the quick thinking of the team at Chicago’s only medical fitness center that helped the 52-year-old when he blacked out as he was preparing to take Laura Olsen’s spin class last October.

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  • Exercisers Burn Calories and Raise More Than $2,500 to Help Provide Patients with Lifesaving Medications

    Jan 30, 2015

    CHICAGO (Jan. 19, 2014) – Members of a local fitness facility have run, stepped and biked to raise more than $2,500 to help patients access medications that they could not otherwise afford.

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  • Download the GLC app!

    Apr 08, 2014

    There's an app for that: Download our new GLC app!

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  • ShockWave has arrived!

    Mar 06, 2014

    Weight loss. Cardio. Competition. Team-building. Shockwave has it all!

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"What I like most about Galter LifeCenter is the sense of community, low-key club with up to date classes and equipment." - Eliza