Galter LifeCenter Named a 2015 “Best Aquatics” Facility

by David Modica | Dec 04, 2015
Galter LifeCenter was recently recognized by Aquatics International as a top aquatics facility for its impactful, member-focused curriculum that is available for children and adults.

In earning the 2015 “Best of Aquatics” Award, the Galter LifeCenter aquatics program was recognized for its variety of classes and its fluid and adaptable teaching philosophy. This internally developed teaching strategy enables Director of Aquatics Wesley King and Aquatic Supervisor Vanessa Recinos to continually improve student experience through innovative strategies and personalized equipment.

“We offer a wide variety of aquatics programs for children and adults and are always looking to adapt and improve our offerings and teaching methods based on the needs of participants,” said King. “It’s always nice to earn recognition for our efforts but most importantly, we take pride in the positive feedback we continue to receive from our members regarding our unique classes and innovative instructors.”

The publication highlighted three areas of success achieved by the Galter LifeCenter Aquatics program:

  • its Aquababies program, based around unique holds, targeted prompts and customized tools created by the Galter LifeCenter team;
  • the program’s organic growth through community outreach and word of mouth and
  • the adult swimming program and Swedish Fish Masters Swim Team led by Billy Cordero and Peter Marcy, winners of the Illinois Coaches of the Year award for 2014 and 2015.

For more information on Galter LifeCenter’s Aquatics programming, please contact Vanessa Recinos at 773-878-9936, ext. 8015.

To read the original article on Galter LifeCenter’s Aquatics program, visit the Aquatics International site.

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