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  • Spring into Health!

    by Erika Slife Hostetler | May 21, 2019
    As the weather finally starts to warm up and we begin to turn our attention outward, Galter LifeCenter is here to help with its “Spring into Health” campaign!
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  • Finding your Fitspiration

    by Erika Slife Hostetler | Dec 18, 2018
    Every day, hundreds of people come through the doors of Galter LifeCenter. Some shuffle in. Others burst. Some enter with heads down. Others meet our front desk with wide smiles. But while we all have our own unique entrances into the gym, one thing unites us as we walk through the front door: a motivation to be here. Indeed, one of the inspirational signs in the membership parking lot tells us, “You’ve won half the battle: getting here.” But what’s the other half of that battle? What’s the other part of the story? What drives people to come to Galter?
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  • Welcome to the new Group Fitness Blog!

    by Erika Slife Hostetler | Nov 20, 2018
    Your name is important. And when someone knows your name? Well, it can mean the difference between a stranger and friend, an insider or outsider, or, in the case of group exercise classes here at Galter LifeCenter, the extra encouragement someone needs to return to class again and again.
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  • Life with an Ostomy

    by Kristin Goddard | Oct 03, 2018
    Welcome Back Sophia. ​We’re excited to welcome Sophia back to teaching classes again after a short medical time out. And we are pleased to share Sophia’s inspirational story about overcoming a medical “curveball” with a positive attitude inspired by her many Galter LifeCenter fitness class members.
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