November 19, 2019

Galter LifeCenter was voted Best Place for Fitness by the North Park/Albany Park Community.
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 September   12, 2019 Chicago Parent shares Chicago gyms that offer childcare. Galter LifeCenter is at the top of the list!
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 June 4,
WGN's Living Health Chicago host, Jane Monzures, tries Acupuncture with Galter LifeCenter's acupuncturist Bridget and learns about the many benefits of this modality. 

 March 15,   2019 Chicago Health shares Relieving Pain with Watsu Water Therapy featuring Galter LifeCenter Massage Therapist and Watsu practitioner, Diane Novak
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 June 22,  2017 The Chicago Reader named Galter LifeCenter as the Best Gym in 2017 
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 April 21,  2016 CBS Chicago shares Galter LifeCenter instructor, Ericka Blohm's, Ultimate Running Playlist for Speed.
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 January 14,  2016

Red Tricycle names Galter LifeCenter as a Top 10 Gym with Childcare 
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 November 3,  2015 Galter LifeCenter was awarded "Best of Aquatics 2015" in targeted programming by the Aquatics International
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 May 1,  
Fox News reporter Darlene Hill learns how to swim with Galter LifeCenter swim instructor Matt Wever to educate the community about the importance of learning how to swim. 

 January,  2010

Time Out Chicago names GLC one of the best gyms for 2010
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 January 13,  2010

Megan Slattery, GLC personal trainer and fitness instructor, talks about the benefits of water aerobics in the Chicago Tribune
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 January 12,  2010

Tracy VonKaenel, yoga instructor at GLC, shared the many benefits of yoga for beginners while others demonstrated yoga poses on the WGN midday news

 March 31,  2010

Kate Kinne, GLC registered dietitian, shares her thoughts on the cookie diet in the Chicago Sun-Times.
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