Letter from the Director

by Kristin Goddard | Jan 04, 2016
Most of you are aware that we have installed a new electronic sign in front of Galter LifeCenter. The purpose of this sign is to increase community awareness regarding the services we offer and encourage community members who are not a part of Galter LifeCenter to join our active lifestyle.

When individuals first join Galter LifeCenter, they often express that they confused our building with Swedish Covenant Hospital. The sign will  serve to notify community members of our location and purpose.

The sign is also intended to alert current members of program changes and maintenance occurring within our facility. In cases of emergency, the sign will also function as a community alert beacon.

There has been some confusion regarding the sign’s current display. What is currently being broadcasted is a factory display, which will change with the final installation, occurring today. From that point forward, the sign will only reflect Galter LifeCenter messaging.  

Additionally, members have raised some concern regarding the level of the sign’s brightness, another default setting. We have reduced the brightness by 50% between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. In the event that this is still too distracting, we will reduce it further.

I appreciate your understanding as we make the final adjustments to this project.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Cunningham
Director of Operations at Galter Life Center
773-878-8200, ext. 3121

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