Member Survey Results

by Kristin Goddard | Apr 01, 2016
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Member Survey over the last few months. We've been collecting feedback from you since September and truly appreciate the amount of responses we got. Here are some of the results and action items we are taking based on your feedback.

The questions were based on these 5 criteria and we asked that you give us a rating between 1 and 5. The averages in each category are:
  • Quality - 4.42
  • Impact - 4.25
  • Engagement - 4.58
  • Cleanliness - 4.45
  • Efficiency - 4.17
Overall, we are pleased with these scores but we know there are some areas for improvement. To address these we will be taking the following actions in the next few months: 

  • Quality - We will be upgrading some of our equipment and replacing some worn out items on the Fitness Floor.
  • Impact - We have a new schedule coming out on April 4 that we hope will meet more of your needs. We are constantly looking for ways to provide the best classes at the best times to positively impact as many members as we can. 
  • Engagement - We will continue to work on making sure every person is greeted upon entering and that we are engaging with all of our members and guests throughout the facility. This is something all staff will be focusing on. 
  • Cleanliness - We are replacing the carpet in certain areas in each of the locker rooms. We will also be putting in more stonehard flooring that helps with slips and falls throughout the locker areas. 
  • Efficiency - We hope to continue to provide you with value in your membership by continuing to offer free amenities, free parking and full access to studios, equipment and pools. We recently added the Power Plate and are letting all members use one of them free of charge for a certain amount of time. Please see the Fitness staff for more details. 
We truly value your feedback and membership and take all suggestions and comments seriously. We may not be able to fulfill all requests but we try to accommodate as many as we can. We hope you notice and like the coming changes. 

If you have comments or suggestions to share in the future please speak with any one on the management team and they will relay your feedback to the appropriate people.

In good health,
GLC Management 

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