Thirty minute meals: cooking demo

by Kate Kinne | Sep 29, 2021
Here are some super easy, super yummy recipes for a quick weeknight dinner.  The Everything yogurt dip can be used anytime for a quick snack or appetizer as you are making dinner.  The Egg Roll in a Bowl entree has everything you need for a well-rounded meal, and the Chocolate Banana Bites can be kept in the freezer for a quick sweet treat when the craving hits.

Everything Bagel Seasoning - You can buy this seasoning already made, or take 5 minutes and make it yourself.  When you make it yourself, you can change it up to reduce the sodium or to better match your flavor preferences.   Add 1-2 Tbsp of this seasoning to a single serving container of plain, nonfat or lowfat yogurt or Greek yogurt for a veggie or Triscuit dip!  

Egg Roll in a Bowl - You can change the protein out to make it lower calorie (ground turkey or lean ground beef) or vegetarian (pressed firm tofu), add extra cabbage or coleslaw mix for even more veggies, and/or add brown rice for a complete, well balanced meal with whole grains.  

Chocolate Banana Bites - These sweet treats can be waiting for you in the freezer.  Bananas, dark chocolate and crushed peanuts are all you need.  They are good as soon as they are made, but they are even better frozen.  

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