Specialty Courses

Interested in learning more about effective and efficient cardio training? Is running your thing or do you want to take it to a new level? How about becoming a triathlete? At Galter LifeCenter our experienced staff offer specialty courses meant to help you reach your goals.

Train for a Triathlon!

Whatever your Triathlon goals may be we would love for you to join our team. Our experienced coaching staff will provide programming tips, motivation and fun during this 12-week comprehensive training session.

Program includes:
  • Weekly training sessions on Saturday mornings.
  • 12-week training program.
  • Core and flexibility training.
  • Galter LifeCenter membership for all nonmembers.

If you choose you may finish the session with a race! 
Bike, bike helmet and the ability to swim are all required.

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Cardio Coaching: Train Smarter not Harder

  • Understand Heart Rate Zone Training 
  • Be Effective & Efficient with each training session

Let a personal trainer help you utilize a Polar Heart Rate monitor to train smarter not harder! Learn to work in the zones specific for your current fitness level and maximize the benefits of each exercise session. This can be done individually or in a small group.

If you're interested in the race or program please contact Leslie Mras at 773-878-9936, ext. 7341, or email LMras@schosp.org.

773-878-9936, ext. 7341 

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