Women's Health

Galter LifeCenter offers several courses geared just for women. We offer prenatal classes as well as postnatal fitness for new moms. Along with these programs we also offer pelvic health classes which are appropriate for women of all ages.

Exercising before and during pregnancy is important to maintaining and improving fitness levels for mom and baby. Galter LifeCenter certified instructors offer many safe, effective and motivational fitness programs for women who wish to stay healthy throughout their childbearing years.

Pregnant women who exercise have more muscle tone, are more aerobically fit, and gain less overall weight and body fat. Additionally, exercise can support pelvic organs which can prevent urinary incontinence, bladder or uterine prolapse. They may also experience a decrease in varicose veins, back pain, leg cramps, swelling and constipation as compared to non-exercisers. Postpartum exercise can boost energy levels, reduce mood disturbances, ease lower back pain and support weight loss.

Every instructor for the following classes is certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Healthy Moms® program.

We offer:

Both Prenatal and postnatal Aqua Aerobics and Prenatal and postnatal Yoga classes are offered for free with your membership.  Nonmembers can purchase a single session drop-in for $20, a 5-pack for $80 or a 10-pack for $140.

A healthcare provider's permission and waiver is required before you begin any prenatal and postnatal fitness program. Download the forms here:

Permission Form
Release form
Health risk screener

Other services include nutrition counseling, integrative therapy and personal fitness training with licensed professionals who specialize in working with prenatal and postnatal women.

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Visit Swedish Hospital for even more health and wellness options for women. 


Childbirth, menopause, illness and aging can cause or aggravate bladder control conditions in women. These common issues can have a big effect on quality of life.

Galter LifeCenter offers Exercise for Pelvic Health classes, designed to teach women of all ages how to relieve their symptoms without surgery or medication.

In this class, participants learn to identify, strengthen and train their pelvic and abdominal muscles in order to decrease the occurrence of incontinence and improve their lifestyles.

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Private Exercise for Pelvic Health Sessions

If you are unable to join one of our classes, consider having private instruction with one of our trained instructors by using Personal Training sessions. You can schedule independent appointments at your convenience.

Swedish Hospital is committed to providing advanced care for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pelvic health conditions affecting women. Learn more about the continuum of care approach Galter LifeCenter and Swedish Hospital have for further treatment options.
For more information, or to register for the next Exercise for Pelvic Health session, contact Karen McAuliffe by email KMcAuliffe@schosp.org.

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"Since joining GLC 20+ years ago, my health and well being have significantly improved. The encouraging, supportive atmosphere at Galter has enabled me to identify my challenge areas, take risks, appreciate the improvements and persevere. I am now more active and fit than I ever imagined I'd be." – Jane