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Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chih

We offer Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chih to practice simple body mechanics to gain insight into the principles that govern all movement in nature and life. 

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai chi (T'ai Chi Ch'uan or Taijiquan) principles are based on Taoism.

    Tai chi, in relationship to the flow of nature, teaches the “correct” or “natural” way of using the body. Through the practice of simple body mechanics such as shifting weight, taking small and calculated steps, one gains insight into the principles that govern all movement in nature and in life.

    Tai Chi also promotes the circulation of the “chi”, or life energy. In Chinese medicine it is believed that the flow of chi can be impeded by a sedentary lifestyle.

    The practice of Tai Chi is a way to strengthen and balance one’s internal chi and as a result promote good health and a long life.

    What is Tai Chi Chih?

    Tai Chi Chih movements focus on the release of muscular tension promoting balance and fluidity.

    One of its principles is to move softly and effortlessly. It is a tool to release tension and anxiety.

    Tai Chi Chih can be practiced from the young to the mature with varying physical abilities. It requires only a few feet of space and no special clothing. You can reap benefits by doing just 10 of the movements on a regular basis.

    It is believed that by performing the movements of Tai Chi Chih you circulate and balance the chi (vital life force).

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If you are interested in starting a tai chi program please call Francie Habash at 773-863-3139, ext. 7343, or email fhabash@schosp.org

"I keep coming back because it is a safe place for me to work out, given that it is connected to a medical center." - Ellen