Fluidity Barre

Fluidity Barre

Experience the ultimate whole-body challenge with the Fluidity Barre! Strengthen your whole body from head to toe – front and back, and improve your functional flexibility to dramatically change the way you look and feel. 

Raise the Barre With the Fluidity Barre Method

You will create long, lean muscles using the ballet barre, bands and balls. Through whole-body integrated movement and a focus on proper body mechanics and postural alignment, the Fluidity Barre workout will create muscle balance from front to back, improve your functional flexibility, and enable greater mobility in everyday life (think the power and grace of a dancer.) 

Effective for all ages and fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications for every exercise.

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Fluidity Barre classes can help overcome incontinence and help you look good. Read about it here in the Chicago Tribune.

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If you are interested in barre classes please call Francie Habash at 773-570-1397, ext. 7343, or email fhabash@schosp.org

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