Private Mind Body Sessions

Private Yoga, Tai Chi and Barre Instruction

Would you like to learn yoga, tai chi or barre and want the private guidance one-on-one? Our instructors will show you how to begin your new practice in a peaceful environment. They can help modify poses for your body type, refine your movements and customize a practice for your body and mind.   

Private Session Pricing

Type of Sessions     # of sessions    Member    Nonmember  
 1-person  1  $80  $94
 1-person  3  $233  $273
 1-person  6  $449  $528
 1-person  12  $857  $1008
 2-person  1   $55 each  $65 each
 2-person  3  $161 each    $189 each
 2-person  6  $299 each  $351 each
 2-person  12  $541 each  $636 each

*All prices are per person.

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Use all of your sessions with one format or mix and match. Sessions are interchangeable between yoga, barre and tai chi appointments. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in starting a yoga, tai chi or barre program please call the Courtesy Desk at 773-570-1397, ext. 5660, or email

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