Amy B.

Personal Training Manager
Staff Bio


  • BS in Health Appraisal and Enhancement 
  • Minor Nutrition

 Her certifications include:

  • ACSM Health / Fitness Instructor, 
  • Heart Zones Level I Personal Trainer
  • MOSSA Group Power
  • Precision Cycling
  • Heart Zones Level I Cycling & Threshold / Metabolic.

Philosophy that drives my work: I believe that every aspect of our lives may be enhanced through healthy choices.  There is so much we cannot change, but these choices - to exercise, to eat, drink and sleep well, to manage stress, and to have fun - give us power to make a positive impact on our overall wellness.

Professional Focus: In coordinating the Personal Training department, I work to ensure that each client has a rewarding and successful experience. I am very proud of our team of gifted trainers and am continually delighted by stories of personal accomplishment that occur in this unique facility.

Fitness Activities: I’ve completed 6 marathons, a sprint distance triathlon and numerous half-marathon, 10k and 5k races.

Contact Info
773-878-9936, ext. 7318

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"I think the ladies in the locker room are wonderful! Besides keeping the facility super clean, they too make me laugh. It is a pleasure to know them!" - Christina