Amy B.

Personal Training Manager and Group Fitness Instructor

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Francie H.

Fitness Director, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

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Jennifer M.

Director of Business Development

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Kayla K.

Manager of Wellness Programs

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Kristin Walters
Kristin G.

Director of Marketing

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Laura M.

Pilates Supervisor and Instructor

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Luke C
Luke C.

Personal Trainer

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Marietta P.

Business Coordinator

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Coli Morton
Nicole M.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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"As a cardiologist and internist I believe in the importance of regular exercise. I try to exercise 3 times a week either at Galter LifeCenter or running outside (while the weather holds). It's still possible to attend an individual exercise session with a trainer at Galter LifeCenter. Exercise can also be done at home on a regular basis with their virtual classes." -Franklin Saksena, M.D.