Dawn B.

Dawn B.

Clinical Massage Therapist
Staff Bio

Dawn has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2023 and has worked in massage therapy since 1997. 

Certifications/ Education:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago

Massage/Bodywork specialties:
Dawn specializes in craniosacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, integrative abdominal bodywork, Swedish relaxation, deep tissue and myofascial work. In terms of mind and energy work, Dawn focuses on Chakra Balancing, Women's Healing and Dream Healing, as well as Hakomi for Bodyworkers: Mindfulness dialogue. 

Philosophy that drives my work:
"Incorporating massage and bodywork into our self-care routine can positively impact our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Massage and Bodywork promote relaxation, aid in slowing down, encourage deep breathing, reduce pain perception and support the immune system."

Where have you traveled to?
"I love the beautiful mountains in Colorado and the sunny beaches of California. I've been fortunate to visit Mexico, China, Costa Rica and Ireland, but I still have many more destinations on my travel list."

What are your interests outside of Galter Life Center?
"Spending time with my kids, taking my dog for walks and hiking."

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"I do different things in each of my three classes for older adults and with each instructor and I feel like I'm moving all different places that have been stationary and deoxygenated for eons. They have wonderful energy and instruction methods. " -Keren