Ami I

Ami I.

Fitness Instructor
Staff Bio

Ami has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2005. She has worked in this field since 1995.

Education/ Certifications:

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, BA in Dance
  • AFFA Certification for Group Fitness
  • Sunset Yoga and Happiness Through Movement Certification
  • Core Energetics,CCEP

Workshops attended: 
Esalen Retreat Center in California for Mind-Body Programs

Deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, shiatsu, prenatal, fascial release techniques

Interests outside of work:
I am crazy about music, all kinds! World music is my favorite, I feel like I am traveling all over the world and I can be sitting in my home. I also enjoy creating a sense of style of dress that is unique to me and reflects my personality and character. I have a program where I help others express their beauty from the inside out, it’s called Soul Style.

Places I have Traveled: 
Africa, Europe and the Caribbean

Philosophy that drives my work: 
I love to help people feel better, in their body and mind. It can be through movement and feeling feelings about themselves and their life. I am inspiring to others and live a life that I suggest others try. One of deep awareness, connection to my body, pleasure and joy, all in the spirit of fun.

I feel strongly that inner and outer work and exploration of ourselves can be done with a sense of humor and play. Life is serious enough, I think transformation and change is a part of life that can be enjoyed and savored, even when it is difficult. The light is shining somewhere, let’s go find it together.

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"The class I love the most is Monday Yoga Stretch with Renee. We may be working out but she makes me smile!" - Linda