New Article Confirms Galter LifeCenter Knows the Key to Success

by David Modica | Oct 25, 2016
It turns out you shouldn’t always stick to what you know.

While certain workouts such as Barre, Pilates and spinning have quickly developed a dedicated fan base, a recent Women’s Health article says when it comes to reaping the most benefits from your gym time, the most important variable is variety.
“Falling into a regular workout routine certainly does carry some initial benefits,” said Galter LifeCenter Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Caitlin McGrath. “When you’re just starting out, your body needs that repetition to strengthen the muscles specific to that exercise and to allow you to perform at your best.

“The key to continue exceeding your fitness goals and motivating yourself is finding a good balance of high, moderate and low intensity workouts—some that work on pushing you to your limit with proper form and others that improve imbalances in the body to help correct posture, lengthen the body and reduce points of weakness.”

    barre fluidity

What combination of workouts is best for you? That’s where we can help.

“At Galter LifeCenter, we embrace variety and balance,” said Director of Fitness Francie Habash. “Our challenges and classes follow industry guidelines to provide you with the most physical and mental benefits. Without the right balance, you can injure yourself, stop seeing results and even lead to you avoiding exercise—these are the results we don’t want!”

“Starting off on the right foot and varying your workout will lead to a greater success overall,” said Galter LifeCenter Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Diana Dimas. “That’s why Galter LifeCenter offers a free fitness consult and a variety of classes to help guide you when you are starting out.”

Our Unlimited Membership type gives you a great variety of classes. The smaller class sizes allow for more personal attention from instructors to help you reach your goals. This is the best way to reach your wellness goals with a variety of options. 

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