Tim N

Tim N.

Group Fitness Instructor
Staff Bio

Tim has been practicing yoga since 1980 and teaching since 1997. In addition to training with Suddha Weixler at the Chicago Yoga Center, Tim has studied with such teachers as John Friend, Richard Freeman, Erich Schiffmann, Roger Eischens and Kim Schwartz. He first taught at Galter LifeCenter from 1999 to 2008, when he moved to New Orleans, and has been teaching at Galter LifeCenter again since 2013.

A professional writer and Chicago native, Tim has contributed articles to Yoga Chicago and been published in Yoga Journal.  His teaching style is eclectic, with an emphasis on alignment, awareness and kindness toward oneself and others. His classes combine dynamic and static poses with breath work to increase flexibility, build strength, release tension and bring joy to the heart.

Philosophy that drives my work: I believe that yoga should be fun as well as work, so we become not only healthier, but happier and more loving, too. Being fit enhances your experience of life. To get fit, you need to find some activity, such as yoga, you genuinely enjoy, even if it’s difficult. Then you'll have the motivation to do it regularly, and that will make you fit — and happy!

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