Katie W

Katie W.

Group Fitness Instructor
Staff Bio
Katie has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2018 and teaching group fitness since 2010.  

Certifications include:
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • MOSSA Group Active
  • A Barre Above
  • Turbo Kick and Hard Body
  • CPR and AED
Interests outside of work:
I am an executive director of a non-profit organization that raises money for critical gastrointestinal cancer research. I love the arts, particularly creative writing and music. I have two little girls and I try to be as active as I can at their school.

Places I have traveled:

I love to travel and have most recently been to Cuba, Italy and Colombia. I lived in Rome during my undergrad program and Prague during graduate school. 

Philosophy that drives my work:
I believe that exercise is the closest thing there is to a magic potion for physical and mental health. I can see the way it improves people's lives, both instantly and over time, and it makes me deeply happy to be a part of positive change.

Favorite Workout:

I started as a fitness instructor teaching cardio-kickboxing (TurboKick) so that will always be close to my heart, but I love Boot Camp and Group Active because they’re so versatile and they train cardio, strength, agility, and balance… the whole package!

Quick Note: 
I love the Galter LifeCenter community so incredibly much! The members are so supportive and the instructors are like family. It’s the best fitness center in the city!

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