SCH and GLC Experts Support Exercise as Medicine

by Kristin Goddard | Sep 24, 2019
A recent CNN story highlighted that a growing number of doctors are prescribing exercise as medicine. Several Swedish Covenant Health (SCH) physicians and a Galter LifeCenter (GLC) trainer shared their thoughts on the benefits of exercise as medicine.

Williams, Denis 250x250

“As our lives have become more sedentary, exercise has become more important to achieve a more balanced, healthy life,” said Dr. Denis Williams, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery. “Amongst others, the cardiovascular benefits, weight control benefits and psychological benefits are invaluable in our modernized lifestyle.”


Diana Dimas, Certified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Specialist commented, "Exercise has so many benefits for the body! From reducing the risk of cancer to aiding in recovery from heart surgery, the list goes on and on."

Prus, Igor

Igor Prus, M.D., Sports Medicine, strongly supports the premise and has already incorporated it into his practice. “As a sports medicine physician, exercise as a prescription either for treating medical problems or improving health and fitness is big part of my practice,” he said. “A good combination of strength, endurance and flexibility training can significantly improve many aspects of your life and health. Movement is life and exercise is medicine!”

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