GLC Staffers - Where Are They Now?

by Bill Ligas | Apr 02, 2018
We caught up with former GLC staffers to find out what they have been up to. We were happy to learn that they are still working out at GLC and supporting our facility in many ways!
We caught up with former GLC staffers to find out what they have been up to. We were happy to learn that they are still working out at GLC and supporting our facility in many ways!


Evelyn Clifford, Instructor and Massage Therapist

What did you do at GLC?
I taught Zumba and spin classes and treated massage clients for five years. I developed many wonderful relationships during this time, some of which have turned former massage clients into real estate clients.
What are you doing now?
I’m a full-time realtor and have successfully helped several GLC members buy and sell their homes. Last year I was named Who’s Who in Chicago real estate and a Top Team Producer with @properties. While I’m no longer teaching or practicing massage at GLC, I’m still an active member.
What keeps you working out at GLC?
I will never leave Chicago and I will never leave GLC! I know the behind-the-scenes, and the classes, equipment, instructors and staff are the best in the business! The relationships I have at GLC are with positive and encouraging people who share the same goals and attitude about health and wellness as I do. (I need that to balance out the crazy part of my life!) 
In fact, I market GLC at any open houses I have in the neighborhood. It's a great talking point when buyers are thinking of moving into the area and want to connect with other health-conscious people. You can follow me on Instagram @sellinthecity

Barbara Singal, Membership Department

What did you do at GLC?
I worked in the Membership Department. My shift started at 7 a.m., so I was able to work out before, which was important to me.  I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 25 years ago.  I wasn’t focused on fitness until my Physical Therapist suggested I join GLC. I never thought that 19 years later I’d not only be a member of GLC, but also part of the 5 a.m. club of fitness devotees waiting for the doors to open each morning.
What do you miss most about working there?
I miss interacting with people who recognize the importance of exercise. It was rewarding to follow the successes of members I encouraged to join GLC.
What are you doing now?
I work with small businesses and not-for-profits to develop and implement Operations systems, including business planning, budgeting, marketing, etc. My company, Ease the Day, allows me to meet impressive people who are able to accomplish extraordinary things and I take great pride in witnessing their triumphs.
How can people get involved?
Ease The Day offers opportunities to promote social causes. I am currently working on a project to inspire people who knit and/or crochet to make hats for Swedish Covenant Hospital newborns and cancer patients. In addition to providing physical comfort, we hope to demonstrate that there are people in the world, even strangers, who wish them well. If anyone who knits or crochets would like to participate, they can contact me at Each hat has the power to produce a smile and lighten a heart!
What keeps you working out at GLC?
As I mentioned, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and medications alone can only accomplish a limited amount. My doctors and I credit the success I have achieved in fighting off some of the worst effects of RA to the years I have been an active member at GLC. 
The GLC fitness staff has been incredible in showing me how to modify important exercises to accommodate my physical limitations. I often tell people who “can’t workout” that I was once of them. But small steps—sometimes literally—can generate previously unimaginable positive results.
My positive attitude translates in many other aspects of my life. I can work out for about 90 minutes each morning, then walk out the GLC doors feeling energized and with an endless path of wonderful adventures in my future.

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