by Kristin Goddard | Jan 04, 2018
Since October, Dr. Prus, a board-certified sports medicine physician with Swedish Covenant Medical Group, has taken a new class at Galter LifeCenter every week. He didn't miss one! He met many wonderful staff and members throughout the process and is definitely hooked on the classes we offer.

  Dr. Prus

Check out what he thought about the classes he tried and maybe try a class yourself. 

Group Core

"Since you can adjust the difficulty of Group Core to fit your needs, this class can be beneficial for athletic people, those recovering from hip or back pain, or those just getting started in fitness. Many of my patients ask what they can do to prevent back or hip pain from returning and-once the pain is controlled-core strengthening is one of my top recommendations." 

Group Power

"Group Power is full-body workout, targeting all major muscle groups with emphasis on gluts—which is often overlooked. Eleni kept us moving; I was exhausted. Even advanced athletes can tailor this workout to meet their needs by adjusting weight and keeping good form. It’s definitely quality over quantity!" 


"This was my first yoga class, and I had an amazing experience. One of the things I’ve been working to improve is my flexibility, and it’s perfect for that. It also targets balance, core strengthening and mindfulness—probably the most important component. Almost everyone would benefit from this Heated Flow, especially those in need of flexibility training and stress relief." 

Stretch and Tone

"Stretch and Tone is simply a great class! Though, I’d call it 'Tone and Stretch' because there was lots of strength training. The time under tension was excellent and my 8 lb dumbbells felt like 50 lbs. I particularly enjoyed the second part of the class, involving flexibility training for all major muscle groups."


"I did cycling class, R30 and could not resist to get some more. R30 is stationary bike high intensity interval training, HIIT. There are several studies showing the same fitness goals may be achieved with shorter workouts. Group Ride is twice as long which means you can burn double calories and it is one of the safest ways for conditioning. Also cycling is one of my favorite exercises, I can not wait till summer to get some outdoor biking too."

Stability Ball

"Stability Ball was my 6th class and the hardest one so far. It points out all core strength and balance weaknesses. Not to minimize other areas of the body, but everyone should have a strong core. I would love to come back to this class.”

Igor Prus, M.D., is a board-certified sports medicine physician with Swedish Covenant Medical Group. His specialties include diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasonography, ultrasound-guided injections, regenerative medicine and physical rehabilitation. He speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian and basic medical Spanish.

To learn more, visit SwedishCovenant.org/sportsmedicine

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