Board Member Nate Hutcheson Discusses Galter LifeCenter as a Positive Force in the Community

by Kristin Goddard | Oct 30, 2017
Galter LifeCenter is Illinois’ first and Chicago’s only certified medical fitness center, a coveted distinction only bestowed upon facilities that have consistently proven to deliver medically minded fitness and wellness services that go beyond the average fitness center.

We talked with Nate Hutcheson—one of Galter LifeCenter’s board members and a dedicated group class participant—to learn what Galter LifeCenter means to him and why he chose to take a leadership position to help further its mission. 


1. How long have you been a member at Galter LifeCenter?

I have been a member at Galter LifeCenter for the past 6 years.


2. Why did you choose Galter LifeCenter?

We first started coming to Galter for our daughters' swim lessons and we were really impressed by the facilities. The proximity to home was also appealing.


3. What services at Galter LifeCenter do you utilize the most?

I really enjoy the group classes like Workout of the Week, ViPR, Masters Swim, TRX, Boot Camp, Yoga Foundations and R30. I prefer the group classes because I don't have to think about what to do when I get there and it helps to have an instructor and group to push a little harder in the workout.


4. What made you decide to get involved as a board member?

I think Galter LifeCenter is such a positive force for the community and individuals who are trying to stay healthy. I am honored to have the opportunity to support its mission. Galter LifeCenter's facility and positive environment really has helped me recover from injuries and stay healthy in a way that allows me to make the most out of life.


5. How does your role as a member influence your work as a board member?

As a member, I think about the programs and other aspects of the gym that I think work really well and how we can help others experience the best of Galter LifeCenter. At the same time, when I notice things that might detract from the member experience, I see those as opportunities for improvement.


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