Ask an Eat-Move-Lose Program Participant

by David Modica | Jan 05, 2017
Our motivating Eat better, Move more, Lose weight program is designed to help participants shed weight, drop inches, reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol and improve their health in just 12 weeks!

The group weight loss program is designed for people who are overweight or have medical conditions related to weight gain by assisting them with bi-weekly workouts with a certified personal trainer, weekly nutrition classes and more.


1. What was your personal goal when beginning the program?

I had started at a new job and my stress level was high. As the demand for my time increased, I wanted something to help me focus on my health and boost my energy. If I lost weight, that would be a bonus. I wanted to develop friendships with people who were up for tough workouts.

2. How did it go?

I knew I wanted to work out with a group of people, I didn't realize how much I'd learn from others. Others would talk about what they were doing in addition to this program (like personal training, or aqua classes) and it inspired me. We also began to encourage each other by email and those were fun and uplifting!

On one occasion near the end of the program, just two of the participants showed up to one of the work out days, and the trainer gave us a partner workout. That day, we learned how strong we had become. Even the trainer said it was a lot of fun to witness!

3. What is something you learned?

I learned that change can happen in stages. You don't have to change everything immediately. You have to reach a point where you say, "I don't feel like working out today and everything is out of control, but now is time for the gym. After that I'll feel good and able to take on what needs doing."

Talking with trainers I learned I can use this program to build the habit of regular exercise, strength training and learning to run. After the program, I could then spend time and money getting my nutritional intake correct.

4. What were your results?

In the end, my weight didn't change, but my muscle tone is appearing, my stamina has improved, I'm able to run intervals for the first time in my life, my balance has returned and I'm lifting heavier weights. I learned to fight for my personal health with as much passion as I do for others. Oh, and I gained some amazing friends!

5. What advice would you give someone considering joining?

Do it! Sign up and show up. Make a strategy on getting yourself to the program you choose. It's great to have supportive friends and family to get you to the gym, but don't depend on that—you control your body. You want to make the change, so go for it!

What made it worth it was that the trainers involved in the program were engaged and invested in us as participants. They felt our frustrations, rejoiced in our successes, gave a little tough-love, and remained hopeful for everyone who joined in. There are amazing trainers waiting to show you what you can accomplish!

6. What’s next?

Now that I’ve graduated from the program, I am taking Galter LifeCenter classes that are similar in structure to the Eat Move Lose program. I'm also trying out some nutritional ideas I picked up from Fundamental Fitness and other resources I've come across. My goal now is to maintain the exercise but focus on nutrition. 

Learn more about Eat-Move-Lose and join us for our free information session on Tuesday, January 17 at 7 p.m.

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