Meet Richard Cunningham: Galter LifeCenter's new Director

by Kristin Goddard | Sep 18, 2015
I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, I arrived in the States in 1994 to continue my career at Ravenswood Hospital as a Physical therapist. After the unfortunate closing, I moved up the street to Swedish Covenant Hospital to take on the outpatient manager position in 2002. Over the years my responsibilities expanded to include OP therapy, Pain Management and Orthopedics.

My personal background includes a serious rugby career in the UK and coaching in the US.  I'm a passionate golfer who always wants to get better and father of three active boys who all learned to swim here at Galter LifeCenter. I was a longtime member of the Lincoln Square community living in the community since 1996 but recently moved to a more rural area. 

My goal in life is to love the work that I do, take opportunities as they come your way and be the best you can be everyday. My goal for Galter LifeCenter is to integrate their services and skills with that of the hospital while maintaining the integrity of both. Creating a true service line between the two entities is the ultimate objective but also developing a LifeCenter community that feels empowered and valued is paramount for continued success of the LifeCenter.

I look forward to getting to know as many members as I can and am excited about this new opportunity.  

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