ShockWave has arrived!

by Nicole Joseph | Mar 06, 2014
Weight loss. Cardio. Competition. Team-building. Shockwave has it all!

Galter LifeCenter is pleased to offer ShockWave classes, a new innovative group fitness class which combines circuit training with friendly competition to keep you motivated from start to finish. 
Trial classes of this innovative group fitness model will be offered March 16-31, so grab a friend and come try it out!

ShockWave combines circuit training with a team-based workout model, helping you stay motivated while you burn calories. Class participants are split into four teams. Each member of the team moves through four high-intensity workouts with the guidance of a trainer. The class combines rowing (via the Indo-Row® system; see below), weight lifting, and other activities for a fun, engaging workout that leads to results.

If you enjoy boot camp or other high-intensity group fitness classes, ShockWave may be your new favorite workout class. “Participants should expect a full body, intense workout that is driven by friendly competition and fun!” says Lora, a Galter LifeCenter group fitness instructor. “This is a way to shake up your normal workout and test your limits in a short amount of time."

Benefits of ShockWave:

  • An efficient, total-body workout in less than an hour
  • Circuit training model works out all parts of your body with a focus on cardio and strength-training
  • Supportive, safe environment under the guidance of Galter LifeCenter’s expertly trained staff

Our trainers have already taken the class and are excited to share it with our members. “My favorite part was the energy and competitive camaraderie that ShockWave creates,” says Chris, a group fitness instructor. 

Free trial classes will be available for both members and nonmembers from March 16-31. View the class schedule here.

ShockWave will also be included as a part of Galter LifeCenter’s Infinity Pass, which allows you to take a variety of popular classes for one low price. 

Ready to row?

Galter LifeCenter is now one of only two facilities in Chicago offering Indo-Row!

The unique format of Indo-Row® captures all of the elements of competitive, on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. The class includes segments such as “Skills and Drills,” “Waves and Recoveries” and a friendly but competitive “Race.”

The class is perfect for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginner rowers, to advanced athletes, to individuals who are looking for a low-impact but highly effective workout. Row at your own pace while you burn calories and sculpt muscles!

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