Join us for these special events designed for you.

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Aqua FunKtional Barre ∞​

Unlimited Membership: This class blends dance based barre exercises, functional training, sports agility drills and Pilates to condition the body.

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BOSU Functional Balance Training

Enhance your core stabilization using the BOSU. Work out the whole body and increase your core strength, balance and flexibility.

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Become a weight loss success story! Lose weight, drop inches, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and more in this comprehensive group weight loss program.

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Family Swim Day

Bring your family for a day of fun in the Galter LifeCenter East Pool!

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Ironman Challenge

Do the distance! The challenge will be to swim, bike and run the Ironman distances within the challenge dates.

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MOSSA Launches

Learn new moves, have fun and break a sweat. Get off the treadmill and join us in the studio, because it’s better together.

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Running Right

Running performance depends on your hip and core stability. Become a more efficient and healthier runner by adding balanced strength to your routine.

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Triathlon Training

RUN/BIKE/SWIM –Triathlon Training. Whatever your Triathlon goal may be we would love for you to join our team!

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