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Aqua Pilates
Aqua Pilates

Increase flexibility while challenging yourself to maintain core stabilization, balance and postural alignment in the healing environment of warm water.

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Aqua Pilates
Aqua Barre/Pilates ∞

Dance based barre exercises and Pilates movements will help increase flexibility while challenging core stabilization, balance and postural alignment.

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Zumba goldtone
Zumba Gold and Tone

A blend of Zumba Gold with moves and pace to suit the needs of the aqua participant along with toning exercises to improve strength, function and balance.

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yoga athletes
Yoga for Athletes ∞

Tailored for individuals training for sport/athletic events. It is intended for self care and active recovery to allow you to continue to train hard for your event.

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cardio caliente
Cardio Caliente

Enjoy a great workout to Latin inspired music combined with traditional Latin dances and cardio dance moves for one hot low impact workout.

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MOSSA Launches

GROW YOUNGER! Research shows exercise can help reverse the aging process by building muscle mass, improving hormone balance and even repairing our bodies on a genetic level. Come find your fountain of youth at Galter LifeCenter – LET’S MOVE!

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Galter LifeCenter Member Challenges

Our member challenges provide incentive, motivation and accountability which all add up to keep you on track and healthy throughout the year.

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grand greats
Grand Pre and Grand Greats

What is better than the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren? How about bonding through movement. It’s play with purpose.

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Youth Fitness

Get your kids moving this summer in one of our youth fitness classes!

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little preview
Little Lives

This camp is focused to develop gross motor skills and to assist your child in becoming “school ready” all while having fun and engaging with peers. This program is for children ages 3-5 years old.

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masters of move preview
Masters of Movement

Let your kids explore all the amazing things their bodies can do. Kids will learn new rhythms through dance, develop inner strength and calm through yoga and explore the outdoors. Ages 5-8 years old.

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Circuit Craze

Maki pulls out all the tools to build strength from head to toe.

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women on weights
Women on Weights

Want to feel stronger, more confident and healthy? Join Maki for this fun and energizing strength-building workout!

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Triathlon Training

RUN/BIKE/SWIM –Triathlon Training. Whatever your Triathlon goal may be we would love for you to join our team!

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Feldenkrais is a verbally guided class of slow, gentle movements, usually done on the floor.

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yoga sweat 2
Heated Flow

Practice poses and stretching in a heated room; temperatures at 80 - 85 degrees.

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Triathlon Training Fundamentals

Thinking of doing a triathlon this year? Let’s get ready before the training begins.

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semi training
Semi-Private Personal Training

Work on strength, stamina, balance, agility and flexibility. The small class size will allow for both personal attention and group camaraderie.

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Kettlebell Semi-Private Training

This workout utilizes full-body movements and a variety of kettlebell drills and combinations.

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teen conditioning
Teen Conditioning

This fun and energetic small training group will focus on the strength, flexibility, balance and stamina that kids need for sports - and life! Appropriate for athletes or those looking for a great workout.

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"I would love to give special recognition to locker room attendant Corazon. She's always working and pleasant while she is." - Dolores