Letter from the Director

by Kristin Goddard | Nov 05, 2015
This letter is to inform you that there has been a recent increase in acts of vandalism within Galter LifeCenter. Although the majority of the damage has occurred in the men’s locker room, I would like to ask for everyone’s help in all areas of the club, to ensure that the facility is cared for

Within the last week we have experienced 4 bent shower arms and five shower faucets, resulting in a replacement cost of $800. There has also been proof that someone(s) has been deliberately trying to damage the sprinkler system, which will result in destruction of property and repair costs that should never occur.

In addition to the damage that was done to the men’s locker room, $19,000 dollars a year is spent on replacing the over 9,000 towels taken from the facility—money that could be spent developing new programs, purchasing new equipment or expanding services in your club.

Vandalism also results in a less responsive staff, as staff members must take time away from repairing and attending to other issues in the club.

I would like to call to action ALL members to help us police our club by reporting instances of abuse or theft to ANY staff member as soon as they are witnessed. The individuals responsible for the damages are few, but the impact of their actions affects us all. Please help us rid Galter LifeCenter of this behavior in order to assist us in our ability to use your membership dues to improve the facility rather than to replace and repair items.

Please feel free to contact me with concerns or questions. We hope that you will feel empowered to report ANY suspicious activity or vandalism as a valuable member of our club.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Cunningham
Director of Operations at Galter Life Center
773-878-8200, ext. 3121


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