Our wellness classes and programs emphasize total health to provide both physical and psychological well being. 

We offer yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, acupuncture, Watsu as well as other forms of wellness exercises that can help you make an active commitment to staying or becoming well.


Our team of licensed massage therapists specialize in clinical approaches for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, treatment of medical conditions, as well as techniques for stress reduction and deep relaxation. Each therapist has extensive experience and advanced certifications in the field of massage therapy. Every massage session is tailored to meet your needs, concerns and health status. 

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# of sessions Member Nonmember
30-minute $55 $60
60-minute $75 $85
90-minute or initial assessment $99 $115
Package of 4 - 60 minute sessions $270 $310
Package of 4 - 90 minute sessions $360 $420

Prices subject to change.

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Before your first visit please complete the Health Form and bring it to your appointment.

To schedule a massage please call the Courtesy Desk at 773-863-3183, ext. 5660. For more information about clinical massage therapy email


Meditation has been shown to have numerous benefits, including reducing stress, anxiety, pain, blood pressure, stroke and heart attack risk, age-related brain deterioration and more. It has also been shown to increase emotional regulation, resilience, self-control, memory and learning.

We offer seated meditation classes which elicit the relaxation response through relaxed, focused breathing. We also offer moving meditation classes such as Qigong and Tai Chi, which increase mental and physical awareness and energy while also being deeply relaxing.

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to have numerous benefits including:

  • Decrease stress and improving resilience
  • Lower blood pressure, stroke and heart attack risk
  • Drastically decreasing physical and emotional pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Treat depression and anxiety
  • Decrease age-related brain deterioration
  • Improve self-control, memory, learning and more!

For a limited time, we are also offering a free Meditation Info Session. This class discusses what meditation is, what it isn’t, as well as what science has to say about the benefits of meditation. If you’re curious about meditation but want to know more before trying it, this class is for you!

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At the end of September, we will offer a structured Mindfulness Meditation course designed to teach participants how to meditate and how to build a regular meditation practice that fits into their lives. Meditation does not have to be time consuming. Benefits have been documented in as little as five minutes of practice a day. This class is designed for novices as well as those who have tried meditation but who struggle to make it a regular practice.

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Kayla Kulans
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Yoga is an ancient practice that encourages the union of mind, body and spirit. We offer the Hatha branch of yoga, which focuses on the physical body. The physical postures are designed to purify the body and provide the individual with physical strength and stamina. You will increase your flexibility and sense of balance.

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There are free daily yoga group exercise classes for Galter LifeCenter members. Check the current group fitness class schedule for times.

The different types of yoga classes offered are:

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Tai Chi

Tai chi (T'ai Chi Ch'uan or Taijiquan) principles are based on Taoism. Tai chi, in relationship to the flow of nature, teaches the “correct” or “natural” way of using the body. Through the practice of simple body mechanics such as shifting weight, taking small and calculated steps, one gains insight into the principles that govern all movement in nature and in life. Tai Chi also promotes the circulation of the “chi”, or life energy. In Chinese medicine it is believed that the flow of chi can be impeded by a sedentary lifestyle. The practice of Tai Chi is a way to strengthen and balance one’s internal chi and as a result promote good health and a long life.

What is Tai Chi Chih?
Tai Chi Chih movements focus on the release of muscular tension promoting balance and fluidity. One of its principles is to move softly and effortlessly. It is a tool to release tension and anxiety. Tai Chi Chih can be practiced from the young to the mature with varying physical abilities. It requires only a few feet of space and no special clothing. You can reap benefits by doing just 10 of the movements on a regular basis. It is believed that by performing the movements of Tai Chi Chih you circulate and balance the chi (vital life force).

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If you are interested in starting a yoga or tai chi program please call Francie Habash at 773-906-5024, ext. 7343, or email


Our licensed acupuncturists are trained in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of a variety of ailments including fertility, pain management, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, insomnia, stress management, anxiety, depression and more. They provide a variety of treatment techniques including acupuncture, cupping, guasha, moxibustion therapy and nutritional counseling.
About Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Using a meridian mapping system, acupuncture utilizes the harmonious flow of qi, blood and bodily fluids to assist in healing and facilitate proper functioning of organs. Your practitioner will take into account your past health history, pulse and tongue qualities. By inserting fine, disposable needles into specific points along the body’s energetic pathways, or “meridians,” your practitioner will regulate the flow of qi, blood, and bodily fluids. Acupuncture needles are so thin that patients rarely feel them when they are inserted.

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# of sessions Member Nonmember
90 minute initial assessment* $99 $115
60-minute session $75 $85
Package of four 60-minute sessions $270 $310

Prices subject to change
*90-minute initial assessment required for first time patients. Pay only $149 when you buy your initial assessment and first 60-minute hour follow-up session together. 

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Before your first visit please complete this Acupuncture Health History form and bring with to your appointment. 

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Watsu is a passive form of aquatic therapy that incorporates the principles of Zen Shiatsu in our heated therapy pool. Supported by flotation devices and the therapist, your body will float just below the surface as the therapist moves you through a series of movements to release blocked energy paths that correspond with acupuncture points. Watsu promotes circulation, healing, deep relaxation and increased range of motion.

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# of sessions Member Nonmember
Initial assessment (1-1.5 hours) $125 $125
One hour $80 $90
Initial assessment plus 3 one hour sessions $325 $355
Package of 4 sessions $295 $325

Prices subject to change.

A physician consent form may be required to participate in the Watsu Aquatic Therapy Program. It can be obtained from the Courtesy Desk or downloaded here.  Please mail/fax it to your physician prior to your first Watsu appointment. A notice of 24-hours for cancellations is appreciated and required.


Galter LifeCenter has a no-gratuity policy. The best gift you can give is a referral or to come back and see us again.

To schedule an appointment call the Courtesy Desk at 773-863-3183, ext. 5660. For more information email Kayla at

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"The Polar Challenge has been amazing for me. I completed a 1/2 marathon after a big injury. It has been thrilling to work out without pain and see such great results!" - Polar Challenge Participant