The Power of Touch for Wellness

by Melissa Schleicher-Park | Mar 26, 2019

Written by Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist, Michelle Rotert

Touch is essential for our health and well-being. It is a basic requirement for health and development. From the first moments of life, touch is essential from infancy to elderly; during stress, illness and healing.

Skin is our largest sense organ and when touch is good to the skin, it can evoke a relaxation response leading to normalization of emotional stress and muscle tension. Massage produces effects on the parasympathetic nervous system. It stimulates sensory input to the spinal cord which can stop the release of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. Appropriate touch can help us recognize and change our reaction, such as when you receive a hug, a pat on the back or a handshake during an emotional situation. The communication of that touch can help break the flow of stress hormones, reduce heart rate and lower anxiety.

The importance of touch for aging adults and seniors is important because of the physical effects of aging, such as mobility, muscle strength or a less efficient immune system. The less active an elderly person is and the less acts of simple touch the more likely they will suffer from periods of depression or isolation. As the aging process continues, and diseases progress there may be more discomfort and physical limitations.

The benefits of touch and Massage Therapy for elderly are very valuable. It can help improve, facilitate or alleviate the following:

  • Range of motion
  • Strength/Flexibility
  • Circulation
  • Appetite
  • Digestion/Elimination
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Fear about future
  • Frustrations
  • Loss of independence
  • Loss of spouse/family/friends
  • Sense of self worth
  • Accelerate healing
  • Improve sleep
  • Anxiety before or after surgery
  • Cope and manage pain
  • Chronic stress and fear
  • Aches
  • Muscle/Joint stiffness
  • Accompany exercise

Galter LifeCenter houses an Integrative Therapy division of skilled Licensed Massage Therapist. Their vision, belief, and training for relief of injury, stress and anxiety can enhance an individual’s process of regaining health and function. When massage therapy treatments are ongoing, each treatment becomes collective and has been proven to have longer lasting effects during the healing process. Think of each scheduled massage session as a prescription to better health and recovery.

Massage Therapy is part of the science of feeling better.



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