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Semi-Private Learn-to-Swim
The Semi-Private Learn-to-Swim program is designed for children who have advanced through our Aquababies program and/or are ready to learn to swim independently in a group setting. Students will start to learn basic independent skills and body movement in our 93-95 degree, private East Therapy Pool. The recommended age for this program is 3 to 4.5 years old.

The Semi-Private Swimming program is available for parents who desire a more personal, specialized swimming experience. These classes are often created by parents with children of a similar age and skill level who want their kids to swim together.

If you would like to start your own group, please contact the Galter LifeCenter staff to discuss availability.

Learn-to-Swim 1
• Entering/Exiting water safely
• Blowing bubbles with mouth and nose
• Submerging face while supported
• Floating on front and back without support
• Kicking on front and back while supported
• Pushing off bench to instructor with face in water
• Jumping into the pool with assistance

Learn-to-Swim 2
• Submerging and recovering face in water, with repetition
• Retrieving submerged objects from the bottom of the pool
• Doggie paddling unsupported for 5 yards
• Kicking on front and back unsupported for 5 yards
• Jumping into the pool unassisted

For your reference:
• Class size is limited to 4 participants
• Classes are 30 minutes in length
• Classes are held in the private East Therapy Pool
• Each parent-child participant is allowed one free make-up class per session. Make up classes are held in the week following the end of the regular class schedule, at the same time and day as your current class.

Member registration begins June 10 and nonmember registration begins June 17.

"I would love to give special recognition to locker room attendant Corazon. She's always working and pleasant while she is." - Dolores