Unlimited Membership Classes

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*Virtual Group Fitness*

Workout with your favorite Galter LifeCenter instructors from the comfort of your home!

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ABC: All Body Conditioning ∞

Unlimited Membership: This circuit workout is created to challenge your body but allows for modifications every step of the way.

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Fluidity® Barre ∞

Unlimited Membership: Experience the ultimate whole-body challenge with the Fluidity® Barre! Strengthen your whole body from head to toe – front and back, and improve your functional flexibility to dramatically change the way you look and feel.

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Masters Swimming Program ∞

Unlimited Membership: The Masters Swim team is a year-round, competitive group for adults 18 and over who want to swim competitively, and who enjoy a strong team atmosphere.

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Pilates Stretch and Springs ∞

Unlimited Membership: This class incorporates traditional Pilates mat work with an emphasis on stretching and using the Pilates springs.

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synrgy power plate
Power Plate Synrgy Circuit ∞

Unlimited Membership: Join us for circuit workouts incorporating the Synrgy360 and the Power Plate.

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Sports Conditioning Circuit ∞

Unlimited Membership: Develop strength, cardio, mobility, balance, agility, coordination, reactivity and power through exercises and drills on the Synrgy360.

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SwimFit ∞

Unlimited Membership: This class is an interval based swimming workout!

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Tabata Boot Camp ∞

Unlimited Membership: High intensity interval training with timed drills.

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tread and shred 2
Tread and Shred ∞

Unlimited Membership: You will quickly alternate between the treadmill and strength exercises to take your calorie burn to the max!

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TRX Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a versatile tool that requires the entire body to be used as an integrated system, building strength, balance, core stability and flexibility.

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