Eleni D.

Group Fitness Instructor
Staff Bio

Eleni has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2004. 

Her certifications include: 

  • MOSSA Group Power
  • MOSSA Group Kick 
  • MOSSA Group Core


  • MOSSA Super in Atlanta
  • WOW workshops for Group Power and Group Kick

Philosophy that drives my work:
Doing something that you enjoy, being able to laugh and showing up because that is what will help you get through all the hard work.

Professional focus:
My hope is to encourage people to push themselves to reach their goals; to share my experiences and lead by example.

Favorite workout:
Outside of the group fitness classes I teach I enjoy Boot Camp and HIIT.  

Quick Note:
I love being able to make members laugh through a hard power, kick or core track or by sharing a small story of my experiences at the gym or in life. 

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