Renate D.

Clinical Massage Therapist
Staff Bio
Renate has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2011. She has worked in her field since 2007.

Education and Certifications:
  • B.A. in English Literature, Earlham College
  • Clinical Massage Therapy diploma, Soma Institute
  • Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist
  • NCBTMB National Certificate
  • Table Thai Massage from Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage

Languages I speak:

  • German
  • some French
  • a little Dutch

Interests outside of work:

  • I'm an avid reader and belong to a book group
  • I love to sing and play ukulele with friends
  • I'm a big nature lover, whether in urban or rural landscapes
  • I love dance, both to do and to watch
  • yoga practice sustains me daily whether I'm in a class or stretching at home or standing in line somewhere.

Places I have traveled:

  • 47 States including Hawaii
  • Europe
  • Mexico

Philosophy that drives my work:

I believe in the wisdom of the body and that if mind and body are fully integrated, we can hear what our bodies are telling us needs attention. Massage can help us to focus inward and develop this awareness. I believe that compassionate touch is the first step toward healing, like when we hold and rub our own jammed finger or stubbed toe. Because our bodies are constantly at work replacing and repairing cells due to the wear and tear of daily life, any additional stress, dysfunction or disease creates an extra burden on the system. I believe massage can help ease that burden, in addition to treating specific aches, pains and strains, by stimulating and enhancing the rest and repair function of the nervous system.

 Iyengar yoga practice first awoke my fascination with anatomy and proper physical alignment a couple of decades ago, and since becoming a massage therapist I've become convinced that working on good posture is one of the most simple and effective things we can do for ourselves to improve how feel. Good posture while both sitting and moving is so important since it affects how well we breathe and function in general. Posture that maintains the spine in proper alignment with the limbs swinging freely and the neck rotating easily allows muscles and joints as well as internal organs to function smoothly. I think everybody can benefit from bringing more attention to posture and to engaging the core muscles regularly throughout the day, not just while working out.

I have been receiving massage therapy from Galter LifeCenter's massage therapist, Renate Durnbaugh, for the last two years. Yes, for two years now! I guess the record speaks for itself. Renate provides me with excellent care that is an important part of my health maintenance program. I am turning 70 and an effective holistic health maintenance plan is necessary to have in place at my age.

The massage therapy I receive from Renate gives me significant relief from pain and discomfort from arthritis—both immediate and long term. This is because Renate is a skilled massage therapist who offers individualized massage therapy and is knowledgeable about the human body. At the beginning of each session she asks what the priorities should be and her treatments follow through on this information. She works with me to make sure the level of pressure is appropriate and that everything about the treatment will bring about the best result.

Thank you, Renate, and Galter LifeCenter, for supporting my health and well-being!

                                                                                     - H.E.

Anticipating and then receiving a massage has been one of my pleasures for a long time. Within the past 2 or 3 years the deliverer of that event has been Renate Durnbaugh. Her caring professionalism is top notch. Before the massage takes place, Renate makes sure that I am comfortable, that the temperature in the room is to my liking as well as the soft music playing in the background.

Then Renate's healing hands find the problem spots and with gentle firmness she works at releasing the tension. We have both decided that an extra 1/2 hour is necessary to work through the tense places.

Renate is a very pleasant young lady and is a wonderful massage therapist and an asset to her profession.

                                                             - Karen D. a satisfied customer

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